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Guiding Growth for Small Scale Agriculture

Our consulting services are designed in such a way to suit small scale farmers as well. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of small businesses and our target is to design a plan for your farm that fits your expectations. We help you navigate the complexities of modern agriculture by offering cost-effective and efficient solutions that contribute to product quality as well as quantity.


Precision Agriculture for Larger Operations

Οur advisory services can also satisfy large-scale farmers. Complete crop protection, farm sustainability as well as the environmental footprint are our main goals. Data collection has a key role for the efficient farm management as well as for future aspect and farm simulations. Our target is the detailed data recording and organization of the crop to provide optimal services and create quality and competitive agricultural products.


Consulting in Food and Beverage Businesses

Our consulting services are crafted to empower food and beverage industries, providing them with the tools and expertise needed to thrive in competitive markets. Specializing in alcoholic beverages we can provide smart ideas and new products that they can fit the market. Οur first goal is the holistic recording of the life of the products as well as finding their weaknesses in order to create products with the identity of the place and the business


Quality Control of Crops, Food and Beverages

A quality product with an identity is the one that can stand out in the market and be competitive. The quality control and the control of the factors that can damage the product are decisive factors that the company focuses at. Data collecting and analysis are major targets for creating a plan to optimally maintain the quality of the product as well as its organoleptic character have a decisive role in creating stable product-consumer relationships.

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